eye/i and i/nation

the difference between a nigga like me and a hundred million is a couple years

had to knock the lining out her ribs to let some love in there

i be justifying crises lived from writing couple hymns

laws that i abide concerning family a covenant

trauma i survived done left me planted aint no buckling

bar was raised up high by all the xan and when my lover dipped

i stay calm and guided thru the qualms to reach the subtle shit

i still got anxiety your calls’ll leave me tunneled in

i got over lying underlying where my heart is

i got puddled pride and troubled eyes cause i’m an artist

i been close to morgue underscoring where my mind was

ive eloped before and other corny shit to find love

ive bespoke and ive reproached the lord still tryna find bruh

i done got some crazy ass results for showing kindness

let the sun talk in love w light aubade bathing me

administration meant for saving me act like they hating me

stumbled into worlds of vacancy, i stayed to say the least

crumbled spirit furled to make-believe tiptoeing flames beneath

i had to pick that up
eye had to shed that tear
i had to give that up
eye level led me here
sky level bred i’m fallen
blind spots so all sights sealed
oh aight so now i get it
might pinch me now eyes peeled
i know my plate better not drove
eyesore that old ass tag
po me won’t let that hold me back from toting my gas eyes swollen closing
‘i know you floating’ coldly mom dotes
i roll two rosy eyes
other than the odor of og smoke cloaked in lies
no surprise homie
the henny half shockingly get held down over than coke
eyes open close
what the fuck was i just poking oh no
beer goggles got my eyes pose like they broke
i know ima catch a sideye dashin out the door
flash my forever doctors note ‘too depressed gotta go’
it do the trick that’s always though
newer glint in my eye another sunrise
another punchclock
another bum rhymer for lunchbox
i flubbed a couple tough trials
for this cumquat colored rough rider
bumped vials
nothing like the drugs i do
shorty was squeamish and intravenous
i was into keeping breathing room
hide and seek games pregamed w a see you soon
on the creep
but my nigga it’s me
she lick and taste the esteem
precipitating preceding
need the cake and the cream
whether via coco from fosters, avian, or tree

big decision maker bigger difference maker

risky business hater quit the flinching shaky

hands say that i could take the pack

and take it all

same thing im baying baby flinging maison drawls

i ate it she ain’t shave because i paid to have it lasered off

i be with anti orph needless to say we ain’t the same at all

was out in baltimore, unfinished business like the ravens dawg

fuck ya comment dork go drop a four and make that pain dissolve

my cousin hit the wock you missed the stain we look the same n all

and i’m walking w a thang that keep a plane from taking off

gotta creeped up on a stain u in the station w the law

everything on him was fake except his chain we took it off

i ain’t seen my dawg in days we blow a quake to stay involved

i done took a condom off for women satan wouldn’t cross

niggas to popping off cause they adjacent to the boss

mad them hanging on my name won’t get them paid i brush em off

daylight savings

sunbathing in the field
lungs making room for kills
unbreakable i’m still but it feel different

long day ahead at best
paul heyman with the check
caucasians made my presence a meal ticket

i be hanging on the edge
i be banking on my bed
sleeping teeter on the precipice still centered

i been feeling like a giver
still won’t tell her that i miss her
swear i need that lil kiss w the squeal with it

we be hanging in the dark
we surprise em with the prowess
if it aint to give a spark we’d be still hidden

prone to languish in my scars
waste away when i’m at howard
school a break and rip apart a whole lil village

i can’t pace it with this art
scraped a project off the bottom
made a painting of my heart w a lil filter

i keep cadence w my heart
still alive defying logic
cost a payment up to god w a lil interest

w a lil interest in the field
but it feel different
keep it real show me your real intentions
keep it sealed we still need a lil rinsing in the field but it feel different


peel in my second whip
stealing put second hand kills in my residence
healed all my brethren w a seal we can’t let you in
put the effort in to still burn at effigy
odorous i’m sober just as lil as they letting me
mama wipe your tears i’m fighting titans can’t invite you here
poetic license veering from the mike chest too tight to steer
chess lessons bloodletting flood when the night is clear
i ain’t give a fuck till my lungs had to fight for air
glaring staring numb therapist had a life to spare
snatched me by the eye said ima fight whether i like or not
and she told me reasons why but that’s the private part
burnt the midnight lighter
killed the drive in me to tie the knot
game slop but if i namedropped you u still got my heart
driving off squeezing off the e brake these days
i can’t talk to god just for my knees sake
long conversations to be had
wrong places wrong times and
strong patience i must add
soul weighted don’t mistake expatiations for some sadness
a strong face, a long race i’m unafraid to come n last
quarter tank n ounce of gas and i’m driving

i’m back at it glad bags and flat backs a pack rat
a crass habit crash flashing scratch that im past rapping ima show off
in a scar competition
flaunting close calls when you cook you can’t regress back to the store bought
hope you keep me in mind that you i hope you shaking
i hope you keep analyzing hard as i make u
as hard as i make it love that i’m armed with broad as it’s brazen
arguing w mom cause i’m always gone when i stay here
she said it’s just because i love you
that i see you out here poisoning yourself and want it for you
and i love you better than i love myself my fruit is mine spoiled
and it’s not a game i put it in your name i kinda told you
and i nodded and i took it to the chin and i deposit
and i dropped it and i looked into the mirror said omavi,
you coarser and you closer the rhythm that’s inside
and i warped you in the interest of design
it’s just because i love you

clasp the windows to my soul
smoke thicken grab my mental by the throat
mind sifting tides shift it’s still cement around my toes
saran wrap around my pack i can’t trust get hand to hand served w a hand behind my back
they prayed for us, ain’t heard the answer but my glance is in the stash
it’s growing handsome by the stack i self aggrandized in the past but now the sun talking
unsure of where i’m going but i’m blunt walking
in life or in this hood so keep a look for 911 callers
i fund loss and i’m from loss
u gut me then it’s no love lost
you spun me into crumbles fingers numbing from the bloodloss
i’ve endured
the moral of my story is i’m impure
the horror in my story is ive been through it and i still do it and my pencil is in earnest the difference tween u hearing the new records from my service
the medicine i’m burning turned my breath into a furnace
whole face hot
shoulders hold weight till i break pace and can’t stop
so baby i could change your life, if you let me
tryna eat ain’t really crave a bite since gained insight from desi
so i stay inside away from light
hoping that your prayers reach
croaking when i can’t breathe
loathing that i can’t speak
i was open with my grandscheme
you was either with me or in my way plow through standees
we sprouting now because we plant seeds
you plant love love will grow
you plant fear fear a grow
if you planted meter me would grow
but i was branded negro
i got slanted before relegated to preshow
i started w wine then to the clear then to the nino
then to everclear and never steering without preroll
and i just had the presets to preceptor me bro
i bleed presence
and preach lessons
all for free too
offer free smoke to all the niggas behind a me too
to my niggas: we ain’t free until she free too
to my sisters: we ain’t free until they free too

ghost in the shell

hidden scars

in a spot where niggas don’t want niggas knowing i’m a star at any cost

never waited for doors was taught to barge in

learned it off the margins

flirting w the hard shit

urchin in government eyes

perfect in my mom shit

admonishing my cough

acknowledge it but quittings in the opposite of cards dealed in 5 percenter laws instilled father did his part really

ball is in my palm spinning

watch it till i’m nauseous

guided from inside and so my

pride is just my loss really

guarded a by a garcia vega

if scarlet sparkle behind my car see ya later

the barsmans saw enough of narcs and i’m saying i’ll

take the nigga hitting cars up over cops any day, who more often called upon for guarding all the chocolate babies

i would wait but i got a few more bars left to say so

in good faith fuck the army and the law and the banks

expect bacon if my arm caught crosses with the jakes

i bring it home

your face card in the street bro we can know what it say

y’all niggas moving like new england videos of the plays

we ray lewis when they open the case

they made me take fluids eight days and nights my stomach a cave

i done seen the heat of summer turn my brother insane

seen a lil piece of plunder turn my brothers to snakes

i take that l to the chest the other melting my brain

purgatory lurker

surprised the white boys ain’t getting word around bout serving us

the facts of that case serve us cause i advocate for truth and truth answer me back in person

certainly wasn’t always having we always had this shit working though

always had this shit working though

never had no personal feelings toward the merch we stole

purging everything pure hellscape vertigo

curmudgeon pledged to keep it curtailed till our curtain close

love comma of money

no self control on my own alone in niggas to loathe when the money go missing
my wallet in my rib cage i love love enough for comfort knowing money go with it
i told her whether you like it or not this shit of ours tied in a knot i can’t hold it no more
ion think these venules supposed to hold venom or
ion think exposure to this cold is for a
nigga boy
ion even know if all these probes is worth bigger toys
i be talking shit that it ain’t english words fitting for
i be in the bottom of the barrel
in the studio was raised in just consumed in my vocation that or loopy in rotation that or
in the oven shooting movies with some brothers youthful stupor cross our faces


breathing out of love for the respiration
my dawg a jewel dropper excavator
dodging school i’ll just stress it later
my mama saw i’m full throttle pressing patience
e brake
outgrown my knee aches
falco hobbled steep gait
i’ll go halloween face frowned up
hound when she sing alto
i’m brown for pete’s sake, crown me
ima mean lady lay downer
ima keef saving breakdowner
ima keep aim cause they got a thousand three ways to scrape down our house and reframe it facetime my mama prefaded eighth time around so she patient
we can’t keep waiting
i give a lot of thought to what my daughters look like free chainless
i’m in and out of clauses i’m spinning outwards
lost so she saying what kinds of songs you make,
i make the kind you gotta read baby
i leave the silence you can see baby
i weave the darkness you can hear baby
i leave my carcass in the field baby
i parse my garden on the real daily
and you can sense it


i said my name made me say those thangs baby
live a life of pace lady i’m sure my place hades
ion need a thang baby just need to think 2x
micah w me when the fight left me, and the light heavy
so i hit the dark lighters burning out my spark levies breaking from the art baby
and i’m katrina
ain’t been thinking bout the bar lately
cause ion need her
i been dreaming bout a car lately
and it’s careening
and i’m just screaming in the dark hazy, the car speeding
in the middle of the street crawling
a lil baby

and i wake up out that dream sprawling
a lil shaky
i been thinking bout how dreams end
and how my means end
and how i need friends
but hate niggas

i been treading in the deep end
and ion need fins
cause when my feet hit the bottom i’ll be cradled
i’m a lazy motherfucker
either that or i’m a workhorse
niggas want my waves but they need way bigger surfboards
niggas want a tape and they just preying on my hurt for it
drinking on the third floor to laying on the third floor
and laying in the dirt for this shit i swear i’m willing
brave enough to search for the shit i know i’m missing
craving for that hurt probably gon b my ending
tryna b the bridge between my father and my sister
tryna be the shit for a while for i’m incinerated

tryna be the kid for my mama she can feel elated
owe her cause she liberate me
know she see me in her face
know my brothers imitate me
though we in a different place

dough i’m out here for this money
can fail a million ways they still b dumb enough
or trusting enough to love me
swear i’m so fucking lucky
still attribute it to talent cause i love the gluttony
i swear i love the fame
and i love the pride
just like i love the pain
and i love the ride 2x


niggas by me get extreme for respect
i know what it mean to be the nigga getting left
already seen how niggas get when it’s the scent or a whiff of a cent
don’t judge a scintilla
i be with the sinning shit myself
but my center real solid
something behind this urge for getting rid of dollars
i already heard how niggas feel about my patnas
so it’s awkward in person when ion give their sought acknowledgement
some shit i saw that i ain’t told a single soul i’m walking with
leather grain broken same soles that i’m stomping in
lil bro kangol hang low swanging
call him king n big his frame up for the confidence
cold world just embrace us for the marketing
cold world just embrace us for the marketing
i be careful not to say words i been charring in
i become a real a hole in argument
and that’s the truth on me
loose toothed youths they couldn’t give a hoot became my troops ain’t no new homies at all
behind my calmness is this new og im on
my mama finna need a uhaul fleet on god
you better chase me down if you owe me
niggas even gave you two whole weeks

women tryna get in loopholes like it’s two sodas pour nuvo sweet thinking, the stu so appreciate it i’m cool though
was one hell of a shoot too
ima loving ass nigga
internet persona governing y’all brain like blutooth
went and picked out a new suit
ain’t get the job bc my language was too crude
ain’t finna stop until brain outta loose screw
ain’t finna stop till they make a good couscous
i aim for the top
vapors said id do it man i can’t fucking not
surgery tryna jus get my veins out a knot


way too much to get out on this page
diamond from dallas i cut her
breathing espousing my pain
sweeping my highs undercover
i been sleep and lost count of the days
leap for me, bound for my brothers
squeak past the scythe for the day
receiving the crown from my mother
beacon out of speakers sound like grief in front of town hall
a proud loud lost ass nigga afraid to sound off
now you gotta hear about how much the bubble down cost
and you gotta hear about the trouble loving brown has brought
numbers on mental healthcare
blunders on my skin it’s scraped and bitten singed by hellflare
known since elementary they building a hell meant for me
niggas couldn’t tip me off my balance we got strength
know these niggas love comparisons but baby i ain’t him
these niggas also loving hesitance i hate the standing still
but i’m still standing still will brandish iron fist
real manic, still will manage rocking ship
setting low standards in the throes of banishing my fears
when your ideal like feel like abandoning what’s near
to your chest plate i got rest ranging in my ears
on my best day i got stress anchoring the kid

gotta let the sun talk see it all clearer
several times i almost made my dawg a pallbearer
several times made a dartboard of my face but now the heart sores is sharpening my aim and now all serious
gotta keep y’all near us
cause it’s life in my belly, knife in my belly got my all leery
my stripes is a testament y’alls is accessory all showy
steady making appearances, slave to your peers cause they all knowing
all growing handing off to reaper what we all sowing
life my greatest teacher and my preacher and my opponent
what you posed to think of yourself
when all the reasons for thinking you worth believing in is all going
but staying close enough just to hurl reminders at you
had to close the book not to be dishonest with you
made me open up now i’m under fire listen
stained my opus underlined in underlying tension
verse-girl problems i couldn’t make up
my brothers yeah i need them couldn’t let them change up
damily having dreams that don’t never wake up
i ain’t plan to ever have to see my necklace hanged up
ayo first girl problems
i was chasing hearses finna burden my mama
finna leave the serpents to encourage my patnas
love was at the table had to change up my posture
death was at my door but it was from my own knocking
met him at the porch was finna jump w no conscience
looking in the mirror make the spittle flow nauseous
i was finna end it all the end of rope caught me
this is omavi


headed back to the apple a return visit
but the urn empty
i ain’t got the burn in me
i even turned tipsy
none of me’s concerned honey berry singed my nerve endings
none of this confirmed and this the shit i put my word into
still on the curb but the curves different
moving on the same urges that got auntie home burst into
still the guy w the sutured innards
the sky is in my future sense it cumulonimbus whisperer
accumulate shit i sent for
assuming they don’t hit me
getting the love i give more that make my muscles stiffen
zupa di mussels steaming
cruise w a couple demons
lucid enough to be made to look dumb by my allegiance
cap trapped in my schooling rap asking for time to spit
unwinding brain mind and consciousness
i want her grapevined around my shit the same time her countenance decays mine and pounds it in, that’s how arousal is
silence at a premium
granddaddy still know my name he say it when i dream of him
forget it when his core is solid that ain’t where the meaning is
folks just got too old and i was way too young to see it then
i!!! just hope this shit reaches him
it hurts not to believe in shit when all you need’s belief and shit
it hurts not to believe in shit when all you need’s belief and shit
serving back n forth w venus tryna stay serene admit
i’m nervous racket borne w lesions slipping through the sleekest grip
can’t wait until my raps is more than stashes for my secrets
can’t wait till this casanova complex bring me peace
can’t wait until this master rapping finally reap some decent ends
got a degree in hearing ‘where do the secrets end’
gotta appease appearances spirit been leaning in this rap shit
i kneel to it annealed in my attachment
my craft is a crapshoot
i bask cause i’m a natural
i clash w my antagonist
i laugh: they think this battles new
i had failed off what i had to see
got the fuck up
brush my self off cursing gravity
burning rubber to preserve my burnt anatomy my house a thousand miles for me i never felt more home
until today i never felt overgrown
the second step is to accept that shit ain’t goin wrong
these niggas wilted mavi never stopped growing homes
stopped growing